Clarifying Intention

This is an exercise to clarify your spiritual intention. This is
especially good to do when things seem bleak or unclear.

First, list ten things you wish for your most treasured relationship.
Next, list ten things you would wish for a child born today.

Now, using the words from your two lists, make about ten three word
statements (only three words) of spiritual intent.

Here are some I came up with:

See beauty everywhere.
Know God's love.
Be at peace.
Illumine midnight places.
Participate in life.
Follow holy ways.
Share God's light.
Hear creative music.
Believe despite doubt.
Act despite fear.

Keep them in a place you can read them daily for awhile. Reflect on
them. Ponder them. Your spiritual intentions will become clear.

This is very good way to commune with the heart.

Pray for me, a servant
Rev. Fr, John=Brian

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